Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Launch of a New Era

It's time to say goodbye to you, dear blogspot readers. It was good while it lasted. We had some good times, shared some laughs, learned some new things. But now I move on to bigger and better things! has begun its reign of awesomeness!

What will you find on this new site?
---My movies!
---my photography!
---bigger and better podcasts!
---Don't Worry About It 2.0!
---and so much more!

If you still like reading my stuff (as much as I enjoy writing them), you'll definitely enjoy the blog, especially the last two posts.

Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it real simple.

---Kage (


E.N.D. said...

so glad you're not gone for good. keep it up kage.
peace & love

E.N.D. said...

just checked out & it is BOMB. way to take it to the next level man. but no room for comments on the blog? :(