Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today's Times

I read about this in today's online version of The Los Angeles Times. This is exactly what a blog should be.

The Big Picture Blog

There was also this interesting article about a survey reporting that Californians are less religious than the rest of the nation. Relating to this blog, the article states, "California stands out for another reason. One of its signature industries and locales, Hollywood, appears to be a corrupting influence in the eyes of at least some Americans. Forty-two percent say they feel their values are threatened by "Hollywood and the entertainment industry"; 56% say they are not threatened."

Survey says Californians less religious than rest of the nation

Yes, it's true that there are movies out there that highlight many sinful activities or show no morals and whatnot. For many states not on the East or West Coast that are much more religious and moral than us, I do definitely see how we could be less religious in their eyes. I openly admit that I'm not much of a religious person even though I grew up Catholic, but I do consider myself a very spiritual person. You don't have to go to church to be a good person and lead a good life.

Los Angeles is becoming more and more postmodern every day with the latest in technology hitting us faster than the rest of the nation. Along with some other major cities in the U.S., Los Angeles is the epicenter of digital expansion and new forms of media and advertising. With our ever decreasing attention spans, people must go to outrageous and controversial lengths to keep us tuned in. However, it can all come down to the age old question of "Who's to blame: the media, the kids, or the parents?" Thankfully, there is a larger percentage of those who do not feel threatened, which shows more a conscious awareness that the negative influence kids see today is reflective of the parents. But life is not a one way street. It is also the responsibility of Hollywood to consciously show taboo subjects in a tasteful manner, with a purpose and meaning behind it.

This new era of torture porn and reality TV is sickening to me. Reality TV is the dumbing down of America. Sadly, I'll admit that I'm a huge fan of it too. It's a guilty pleasure. The Real World: Hollywood has indulged me in sin with Joey's drug problems, the random hookups, the L.A. nightlife. The Hills--well, that's a no-brainer, it's just a fucking entertaining show based on nothing! They do nothing on the show but gossip and bitch and backstab and complain and they get paid to do it! Did I also mention they are all incredibly hot? America's Best Dance Crew has the sickest dance moves! I'm constantly amazed by the execution and invention of some of the things they do. Jabbawockeez for life, bro. I could keep going with all this shit: Living Lohan, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Bachelor(ette), Joe Millionaire, Extreme Makeover. What the hell is our fascination with reality TV? It's not even reality because everyone becomes a characterization of their true selves on television, controlled by the editor who only chooses the parts most dramatic or entertaining. Hollywood loves it, though, because it is so cheap to make (no actor salaries, no huge production design, etc.).

Life, and especially Los Angeles, is a two-way street. You love to hate it.. You hate to love it.

Who's to take responsibility for that?

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